Hire Bobcat Service in Low Range at Box Hill

Looking for a bobcat hire service in Box Hill? Bobcats help clear your site of rubble and debris to make it ready for construction. Ak Khouzam offers the most affordable bobcat hiring service in Box Hill with skilled operators who can work a wide variety of tasks at your construction site or outdoor spaces.

Uses of Bobcat

Bobcats have a variety of uses – from preparing the site for construction and debris removal to slab cleans and driveway removal. They can also be used for rubble & stones removal, building site cleaning etc.

Bobcat hiring for landscaping

Another common way bobcats are used is for landscaping. Bobcat is versatile, easy to manoeuvre and have a powerful engine. This makes them ideal to be used for landscaping purposes. You can give your outdoor spaces the look you have always wanted with our specialised bobcat service for landscaping. You can give shape to your garden to add a patio, increase your private garden space as well as add or remove a swimming pool. If you live in an area susceptible to water overflow, you can set up a creek wall or put-up rocks in the outlining area.

Bobcat hire cost

Depending on the type and duration of work you can hire bobcat from us at either an hourly rate or at a fixed package. The benefit of a fixed package is that you get a fixed quote of the task completion irrespective of the hours it takes to complete it. The overall cost of a bobcat hire also depends on whether you are hiring just the bobcat equipment and intend to use it yourself or if you wish to hire the bobcat with a trained operator. As bobcat is specialised equipment, we recommend that you hire it with a trained operator, unless you have the experience of operating a Bobcat.

Best Bobcat Hire Service in Box Hill

While there are many providers of Bobcat Hire Service, you should only select the a reliable provider that offers the best options for your requirements. As one of the top bobcat service providers in the city, Ak Khouzam has the widest range of bobcat accessories available to handle any site clearing work or construction site preparation. We have competitive pricing, hourly and package rates along with highly trained operators.For queries or bobcat hire call us on 04 1680 0119.