Concrete and Soil Removal Experts in Melbourne

At AkKhouzam, we offer professional concrete soil removal services for homes, construction sites as well as business spaces. We use high-quality tools ensuring that the task is efficiently completed within the allotted time. Any concrete work that is undertaken will be completed on time with efficient results. We have bobcats and trucks that can remove excess soil that you wish to dispose. Our bobcats are compact and can easily fit into small spaces for soil removal. We make the process of soil and concrete removal easy for you and will responsibly dispose the waste.

Affordable soil removal services in Melbourne

Soil collection occurs after we undertake new projects like renovating, gardening, or landscaping. Once the project is done, the issue of disposing soil residue comes to the forefront. There are a lot of ways to remove soil residue. Here are a few techniques that are affordable ways to get rid of excess soil apart from finding a free local transfer station which accepts soil.

  • Recycling excess soil is the cheapest way to get rid of it. There are a lot of DIY projects even with low quality soil. You could even make a flower bed with it.
  • Though excess soil is waste for you, it might be useful for someone else. You can use media and advertise the availability of soil. There are websites like Gumtree, Freecycle etc where you can advertise excess soil. The most sought-after soil is the topmost layer. Nonetheless, if it is not the topsoil,people might still purchase it for landscaping purposes. If you are very keen to get rid of your soil, then this could be an alternative to explore.
  • You can also leave a free earth brochure and hand them out to possible stake holders. You can include your contact details in it so they can reach you if they require soil.
  • Landfill is another option for disposing cheap soil. Landfills usually cost per ton. It is important that you research the options available in your locality.
  • You can rent a dumpster to dispose soil. Though it can cost some money, it is a very simple method of soil removal. For this, you might have to hire a dumpster and choose its delivery location. Once you hire the dumpster, you will have to load the soil that you do not require. Once the loading is complete you can request the company to request a pickup of the waste soil.

Are you having issues with soil build up and are not able to dispose it in Melbourne? It can be a tedious process if not done at the promptly. At AK Khouzam Pty Ltd, we are specialists in soil and concrete removal. Call us at 04 1680 0119. You can also email us at [email protected] and we will be there to help you get rid of excess soil or concrete.

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