Fastest Site Clean Up Service Provider in Melbourne

AkKhouzamis one of the fastest site clean-up service providers in Melbourne. Our team of operators provide debris removal the site in either the bins provided by you or will load it in our truck to safely dispose it. We have experience in levelling areas which will be suitable for gardens or lawns. Thus, you will have a perfect flat surface to build upon.

Construction Site Clean Up Cleaning in Melbourne

Construction sites clean up includes a lot of tiny aspects. Before a new construction project can begin, there is a 3 stage-clean-upprocess:

  • Rough interior cleaning:

This stage is optional as it is more of a preparatory clean up. The process takes place before the commencement of a new construction as well as before other detailing like carpets, and floors are done. This job usually includes sweeping the floor for laying carpets, dusting surfaces, and cleaning windows.

  • Final interior cleaning:

Once all the elements are placed properly, a thorough interior cleaning needs to happen. This clean-up differs from room to room. There are different areas that have different cleaning needs for example in the kitchen, sinks, cabinet exteriors, counter tops, windows, small appliances, doorknob, floor vacuum are. The process is different in the bathroom while cleaning the sink, bathtub, glass doors, mirrors, toilet, cabinets, windowsill as well as vacuuming the floor. In bedrooms, mirrors, doorknobs, carpet, closets, windowsills need to be cleaned.

  • Final exterior cleaning:

This is the most important stage before you hand over the house to owners. It is a very messy part too. During renovations, the sheer mess that happens inside and outside the house needs to be dealt with. A thorough cleaning is required to dispose materials that don’t belong to that space anymore. The process includes washing exterior windows, sweeping the doorway, dusting the lighting, getting rid of debris, and cleaning the paved surfaces.

We do comprehensive cleaning of properties providing services of high standard. Our clean-up process can adjust according to your requirements. Our staff are trained in cleaning and give attention to every nook and cranny of your house. We also use modern tools during the process for a thorough cleaning of the property.

Here are a few frequently asked questions which customers ask us:

  • What are the types of construction and renovation site junk that we collect?

Our team collects junk from units, hotels, hospitals, factories, universities, and high-rise buildings.

  • What is the cost of a site clean-up?

The cost of most cleanup differ as this is depended on the area as well as the intensity of cleaning required by the property. The other factors that impact the price are the types materials that need to be discarded, its weight, and the location.

Do you have a backyard which is messy and needs a clean-up? Are you planning for a renovation? Give us a call on 04 1680 0119 to get a free custom on-site estimate.

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